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Mount Train Horns on Your Car

So, you want to mount a train horn on your car? You are not alone; thousands of people are installing these horns into their vehicles for variety of reasons. There are those individuals who are installing them because they reside in remote locations, where there is abundant wildlife; as such they need something loud to scare away animals that may pose a threat to driving. There are those who prefer them for aesthetic reasons, in order to attract attention from other drivers. Bicycle and motorcycle owners may also wish for a powerful horn in order to get the attention of automobiles on the road. Then there are those who install train horns for the simple reason of scaring non-expectant pedestrians.

Purchasing Train Horns

The leading manufacturers and sellers of train horn kits include Nathaniel Airchime, Kleinn, and HornBlasters. Nathaniel Airchime manufactures the basic horns, which includes the M, K, and P-series for cars or trucks. The K-series is a much older version that is still in use today, it used mainly for industrial applications, in mines and on locomotives. The M-series, on the other hand, is the Mellower horn; this horn is comparatively expensive and has also been available for a longtime.

Aside from the mentioned manufacturers there are also numerous online auto-dealer stores such as and that sell and ship train horns all over country. HornBlasters sells a series branded train horns; these horns are regarded as some of the best and well designed train horns in the market. Kleinn manufactures four variations of the train horns; these include the Model_230 Train Horn, Model_220 Dual Train Horn and the 500_Series Train Horn. Each of these horns offers distinctive sounds, the specifications are:

  • Model_230 Train Horn: features Black ABS trumpets, “Beast” Triple train horn, ‘11.5’, ‘14.5’ and ‘17.5’ Inch detachable trumpets.
  • Model_220 Dual Train Horn: Comes with two Solenoids, 154db output sound clip, two trumpet train horn and ‘10.5’ and ’15.5’ Inch trumpets.
  • 500_Series Train Horns: features ‘11’, ’14’, and ‘16’Inch trumpets, reversible trumpets, chrome plaited trumpets and the authentic train horn sounds.

Hilarious Smart Car Train Horn

Product Brand and Prices

Some of the models and prices of Kleinn made product include; the Kleinn Train Horn Dual Truck Horn and Kleinn Train Horns Dual Truck-Horn which all cost $60.99, the Kleinn Train Horns Train-Horn and Klein Trains Horns Train Horns cost $224.99 and $186.99 respectively at the online auto-dealership. The popular HornBlasters models includes HornBlasters Conductor’s Special 228VX Train Horn Kit which cost $499.99 and the HornBlasters Conductor’s Special Model_232 Train Horn Kit that cost $579.99 both of these kits come with guaranteed free ground shipping.

Use of Train Horns and Laws

Train horns are usually installed in locomotives in order to warn pedestrians or motorist of an approaching train at the highway rail-crossing. Most motorists operate cars with windows rolled up, and with the radio and air condition in use, as such the audible warning signal from the train has to be high enough, unfortunately such sounds are known to pose a serious problem to people residing or living nearby the highway rail-crossings.

The Federal railroad administration together with most states has come up with legislation and regulations to govern this issue. For example the Washington state traffic laws express that car horns should only be used for emergencies; failure to comply with this law can attract fines of up to $124. The state of New York has similar traffic laws; the only issue is that the law enforcement officials are not as aggressive in dishing out tickets to those found breaking the laws.


The growing acceptance of the train horns has seen the device permeate through the entire mobility industry from bicycles to small cars and trucks. The available train horns are either classified as electromagnetic, electric, air or bulb horns. Leading train horn manufacturers include; HornBlasters, Airchime and Kleinn. Aside from the mentioned manufacturers the online dealers include and The Federal government and most state jurisdictions have setup laws to govern noise levels emanating from both vehicles and locomotive. However, most law enforcement officials are not very keen to enforce these laws.

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