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Make Your Truck Horn LOUD!

So you want to mount a train horn on your pickup? Train horns are important in that they help in alerting pedestrians about an oncoming truck and keep away. This is helpful in minimizing road accidents. Train horns give out a loud sound that resembles that of the train and it can be heard from as far as 500 meters.


The train horns come with a complete and detailed installation manual. In addition, there is an onboard air system which is necessary to produce the needed loud sound. The installation process takes a relatively short time. If you need assistance with installation, any shop experienced with auto accessories will be able to install your kit. The installation of a train horn gives a pickup truck a unique, attractive accessory that is also very functional. For good results, the train horn is strategically mounted on the roof with the bell bottom-looking end facing the front side of the truck. It can also be mounted within the truck bed or undercarriage of the truck to be out of sight. The system does not require an intricate wiring system, therefore it is very easy to install.

But, Are They Legal?

In most cases, the buyer is required to show evidence of compliance with the existing laws. It is unlawful to use the train horn in a closed space such as an underground parking garage. This is because people within the facility may suffer eardrum damage and impair one’s hearing abilities. Secondly, the user is required to blast the train horn when about one hundred feet from the public. A violation of these governing rules may result in penalties, which may include fines by the authorities. Blasting train horns near places of residence, especially at night, should be avoided. Similarly, it would be prudent for a truck owner to be aware of areas where loud noise is restricted such as a hospital environment. This is aimed at promoting peace of mind when people are resting.

A train horn may serve as a marketing tool, such as the arrival or a vendor to a fair or sporting event. Similarly, they are a form of identity. The tone and intensity of the sound produced can be associated with a particular individual.

Louder Horns May Keep You Safer

Pickup truck owners with a train horn installed are in a good position to avoid road accidents with pedestrians or other motorists. This is because when blasted they alert the general public, who become extra careful when walking or crossing the road. It is important to understand that train horns can be blasted even when the engine is switched off. This is necessary when the truck has a mechanical breakdown since it can be blasted to attract timely help from other road users. Above all, the devices are easy to maintain and are known to last long. This is a great benefit to truck owners since it helps in saving some money.

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