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Tips for Every Kind of Vehicle

When it comes to choosing the best place to mount your train horns, it really depends on the type of vehicle that you have. There is no top location that works best for all vehicles, so consider a few of these top suggestions for mounting your train horns that match your particular situation. One of the reasons you need to consider your choice carefully is because any modification done to your vehicle can often be a challenge. Here are a few suggestions on the best places to mount train horns on a vehicle.

Big Rigs

Mounting train horns on a big rig is easier than any other type of vehicle simply because you have so much extra room to hide the horns and the compressor. With that being said, the most common place for train horns on the big rig is on top of the cab. The sound has a better chance of broadcasting over a wider area, and if you are hauling anything behind you, it can act like a reflector and make the sound appear even louder than it really is.

Pickup Trucks

When you are mounting a train horn in your pickup truck, consider attaching it underneath the truck on the frame. Not only will this give you a much cleaner look, the frame is the most secure place to hold the horns in place. When mounting the horns, make certain they face the rear of the truck and slightly down so that any water that accumulates quickly drains from the horns.


Now mounting a train horn on a motorcycle posses all types of problems because of limited space. Consider mounting the horns on the up tube of the frame as low as possible. Once you have chosen a spot that will not impede with driving, make sure the front of the horns are facing slightly down to easily drain any water that gets trapped inside during riding.


Mounting a train horn in a car varies depending on the type of vehicle you have. Older cars with plenty of room under the hood mean you can easily mount the horn on top of the wheel well or against the front grill. Under the hood offers the driest location for the horns to be mounted. If space under the hood is limited like on newer vehicles, mount the horn on the frame closest to the front of the car as possible. Face the horns back and down to avoid any water being trapped inside the horn and causing damage.

User Reviews

Posted by Kyle


I have a lifted 2015 Ford-F150. I purchased the HornBlasters Outlaw 127 Train Horn Kit and was wondering the best place to put the compressor and horns.

Posted by Chris


Underneath the truck. I have a lifted fx4 on 37s. My train horn is under attached to the frame.

Posted by Chris


Facing the rear slightly down as stated in the above truck installation paragraph.

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