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MPC B1 Train Horn Kit has an average rating of 3.25 out of 5 based on 4 user reviews.

With the advancement of mechanical technology, train steam engines were replaced with diesel engines. When this occurred, steam-powered train whistles also went by the wayside. So, trains needed another means of sounding an announcement of their arrival or a warning to vehicles, people and animals to vacate the railroad tracks. The air horn was thus introduced. The new type of horn was also installed on track maintenance vehicles for safety reasons. The popularity and potential use of the air horns inspired Nathan Airchime to establish his company in 1954 to make them available to a wider sector.

The air horn’s effectiveness at making a substantial sound while ensuring safety attracted the attention of the trucking industry and truckers began installing them on big rigs. The horns eventually became a mainstay on big rigs. Many can relate to requesting that a truck driver blow his horn by pumping an arm. The deafening sound provides an immediate thrill. Today, train air horns are commonly installed on passenger cars, pick-up trucks, SUVs, marine craft and even on motorcycles. The sound of the horn assembly quickly gets attention and so is used for a variety of reasons.

Air horns create the sound blast when compressed air travels from the air tank and compressor through a line to a power chamber. The chamber then directs the air through the diaphragm of one or more horn bells. On semi-trucks, the compressed air may come from the braking system to create the recognizable sound. The horns used by big rigs sound a blast rated at 150 decibels. The power of this type of system is increasing in popularity among vehicle owners.

MPC B1 Train Horn Kit

MPC B1 Train Horn Kit

The MPC B1, 4 Trumpet Train Air Horn Kit is appropriate for most vehicles including cars, Jeeps, SUVs or trucks. The kit provides 150 decibels of sound. However, the system does not require an inordinate amount of space for installation.

Each of the four horns boasts solid metal construction and features a highly-polished chrome finish. The finely-tuned horns are stacked two by two. The entire unit measures 13.75 inches in length x 7 inches in width x 7 inches in height.

The comprehensive system also includes a 12-volt, 110 PSI compressor and a three-liter air tank. The tank/compressor measures a mere 15.75 inches in length x 5.25 inches in width x 6 inches in height. It is vitally important that the compressor is installed in a clean and dry location on or in the vehicle. The air tank also refills in 60 seconds or less.

There is also a 12-volt electronic solenoid, a pressure switch, which functions at 85 PSI in the on position and 105 PSI in the off position. Activate the horns by simply depressing the push-button switch. Each kit also contains 12 feet of ¼ air hose and a wiring kit. The wiring assembly includes 12 feet of 10 gauge power wire, 15 feet of 20 gauge power wire, a 20 amp fuse and a fuse holder. You also get various crimps, wire connectors, zip ties and all of the necessary hardware. The materials provided allow you various options for installation. When installed properly, the MPC B1 kit provides years of reliable service. The kit additionally comes with a detailed and illustrated instruction manual.

The Quad horn kit created by MPC was designed to emit the loudest sound possible while offering long-term, durable use. The kit is ideal, as it was designed and manufactured to fit the majority of land or water-based vehicles. The installation process was also designed to be easily understood and completed.

User Reviews

Posted by Joseph L.

  • 4/5

These horns are very good for mounting in tight places. I put mine behind the front bumper in my 2004 Sierra no problem. I used the air valve with my factory horn harness and left my factory horns hooked up. This means they barely chirp when I hit my regular horn, but when the car alarm goes off, it’s deafening – try stealing my truck with these babies blaring in your ears. These things are goddamn LOUD and they have a really nice bass to them too. The only bad thing is the air line they provided. It is not up to snuff and it broke within a few hours. But you can replace it with 1/4 brake air line. The tank fills fast, under sixty seconds to a full tank. The tank only lasts 3-5 seconds when holding the horns on full but you can get 5-8 blasts out of a full tank if you pace yourself. The best part about this kit is that all the components are metal. No plastic anywhere! So it’s going to last a very long time. The air valve is also very fast acting. When you hit the button there is virtually no delay. I would recommend this kit to anyone who wants a high-quality horn. Take the word of a mechanic and certified gear head. These horns will NOT disappoint you in either build quality or volume.

Posted by Ronald B Johnson

  • 3/5

Overall I have to say that the horn and compressor are excellent. I’d give them five stars on their own if I could. The horn is extremely loud, which is just what I wanted. Mostly I use it to alert people who are waking the boats at the marina, and even a good way out they can get the message. I would give the full set a five-star rating but the solenoid they provide is really sub-par. The first time I used the horn, it blew and got stuck wide open. I had to disassemble the entire setup and return it, only to blow out the second solenoid as well! Fortunately, the manufacturer stands behind their products and they send me a third solenoid, this time a more heavy-duty one, and apologized profusely for the defective ones. That did the trick, and really it takes the whole thing to a new level of power! I can highly recommend just contacting Viking Horns and getting a bigger solenoid right from the get-go, it’s just a better experience. You’ll need to get some adapter fittings but you can get those at any hardware store and a lot of auto parts stores, as well as direct from Viking themselves. You should also put liquid Teflon tape on all of the fittings. They’re just going to be loose otherwise and the more you leak the more your compressor runs and the more it runs the more you’ve got problems. The tank is very good and holds compression for a long time, my system held 120 PSI for over a week with the compressor off when I went on vacation.

Posted by Pat

  • 5/5

I spent a lot of time researching before buying this product. I contacted the manufacturer and they were very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. They even got specific, let me know that the horn sounds more like an Amtrak or light rail train than a cross-country freight. I like it like that, and it’s still more than loud enough. The installation is relatively easy so long as you have a good working knowledge of 12V wiring. The instructions are clear and you’ll want to plan ahead and figure out where everything will go in the truck. Measure twice, install once. If you have a toolbox you aren’t using, that would be ideal. Otherwise, the reservoir and compressor do fit under most seats and into any half-cab. Don’t put them outside, they are NOT weather resistant! Only the horns themselves should be out in the weather and you should put them either inside the engine bay, under the metal sheeting or face-down in the bed to prevent water buildup. The bracket isn’t perfect but it gets the job done. The whole kit can be powered by my trailer plug from the rear of the truck, and I can install a splitter if I need to use both my horn and haul a trailer. It links to all three components real easy. Battery, accessory, and solenoid with just one fuse! I use a switch on the dashboard and even managed to eliminate some wire running by using existing lines. The compressor is quiet and doesn’t disturb conversations when charging. You may want to put a rain shield over the horns if they are somewhat exposed, water keeps getting in there. They are waterproof but why take risks?

Posted by Robert Blackwell

  • 1/5

This is a cool horn system but the mounting bracket is garbage. The horns are super loud and thin, great for traffic or use in rural areas. But the bracket broke within the first week and totaled the horns. I would have highly recommended this product otherwise. If you do get it, throw out the stupid bracket and get your own.

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