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With the advancement of mechanical technology, train steam engines were replaced with diesel engines. When this occurred, steam-powered train whistles also went by the wayside. So, trains needed another means of sounding an announcement of their arrival or a warning to vehicles, people and animals to vacate the railroad tracks. The air horn was thus introduced. The new type of horn was also installed on track maintenance vehicles for safety reasons. The popularity and potential use of the air horns inspired Nathan Airchime to establish his company in 1954 to make them available to a wider sector.

The air horn’s effectiveness at making a substantial sound while ensuring safety attracted the attention of the trucking industry and truckers began installing them on big rigs. The horns eventually became a mainstay on big rigs. Many can relate to requesting that a truck driver blow his horn by pumping an arm. The deafening sound provides an immediate thrill. Today, train air horns are commonly installed on passenger cars, pick-up trucks, SUVs, marine craft and even on motorcycles. The sound of the horn assembly quickly gets attention and so is used for a variety of reasons.

Air horns create the sound blast when compressed air travels from the air tank and compressor through a line to a power chamber. The chamber then directs the air through the diaphragm of one or more horn bells. On semi-trucks, the compressed air may come from the braking system to create the recognizable sound. The horns used by big rigs sound a blast rated at 150 decibels. The power of this type of system is increasing in popularity among vehicle owners.

MPC B1 Train Horn Kit

MPC B1 Train Horn Kit

The MPC B1, 4 Trumpet Train Air Horn Kit is appropriate for most vehicles including cars, Jeeps, SUVs or trucks. The kit provides 150 decibels of sound. However, the system does not require an inordinate amount of space for installation.

Each of the four horns boasts solid metal construction and features a highly-polished chrome finish. The finely-tuned horns are stacked two by two. The entire unit measures 13.75 inches in length x 7 inches in width x 7 inches in height.

The comprehensive system also includes a 12-volt, 110 PSI compressor and a three-liter air tank. The tank/compressor measures a mere 15.75 inches in length x 5.25 inches in width x 6 inches in height. It is vitally important that the compressor is installed in a clean and dry location on or in the vehicle. The air tank also refills in 60 seconds or less.

There is also a 12-volt electronic solenoid, a pressure switch, which functions at 85 PSI in the on position and 105 PSI in the off position. Activate the horns by simply depressing the push-button switch. Each kit also contains 12 feet of ΒΌ air hose and a wiring kit. The wiring assembly includes 12 feet of 10 gauge power wire, 15 feet of 20 gauge power wire, a 20 amp fuse and a fuse holder. You also get various crimps, wire connectors, zip ties and all of the necessary hardware. The materials provided allow you various options for installation. When installed properly, the MPC B1 kit provides years of reliable service. The kit additionally comes with a detailed and illustrated instruction manual.

The Quad horn kit created by MPC was designed to emit the loudest sound possible while offering long-term, durable use. The kit is ideal, as it was designed and manufactured to fit the majority of land or water-based vehicles. The installation process was also designed to be easily understood and completed.

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