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Vixen Horns 4 Trumpets STK 2/2 has an average rating of 2.6 out of 5 based on 5 user reviews.
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Train Horns have increasingly become popular with truck drivers for the same reason they are mandatory on trains and tractor trailers: they enable a driver to “speak” as loud as the law allows. This noise has also proven that it isn’t just a means of expressing frustration in traffic. With drivers becoming increasingly inattentive as they are further insulated from the outside and distracted by cell phones and other gadgets, big volume is necessary for getting the attention of those idling at green lights or ignoring oncoming traffic. As such, modern horns have met demands for higher quality sound, construction, and appearance, as well as lower cost. Train horns for trucks are now less expensive and more powerful than ever before and are limited only by state and federal noise regulations.

Vixen Horns 4 Trumpets STK 2/2 Train Horn Kit

Looking to offer the best and loudest horns possible, Vixen Horns has developed the Vixen Horns 4 Trumpets STK 2/2 Train Horn Kit, a massive four-horn system that delivers a chord with as much volume and force as possible. Designed to be heard clearly even over great distances or through modern soundproofing, the Vixen Horns 4 Trumpets STK 2/2 Train Horn Kit is the complete package and includes all parts necessary to serve as either a replacement or auxiliary for the standard horn on any truck or van. All necessary mounting equipment is provided, all that is needed is to drill holes and mounting points in certain parts of the vehicle and install the horns and pneumatic equipment. Indeed, since the kit uses standardized connections and mounting points, if they are available or if the kit is replacing an earlier horn installation, drilling mounting points or running cables is not required.

The Vixen Horns 4 Trumpets STK 2/2 Train Horn Kit is built around the Vixen Horns 200PSI compressor, which feeds into a 3L reservoir. The compressor integrates into any vehicle’s electrical system and is designed to be small enough to fit under or behind seats. All necessary electrical connections are provided. While it is not waterproof, it is rugged, and can withstand most of the bumps and scrapes it will likely encounter. Indeed, the compressor will likely outlive the vehicle in which it has been installed. As with all Vixen-brand equipment the compressor is built to aircraft standards and so it will maintain proper pressure and not suffer from breakages or dry-rot for many years of use. The compressor can refill the reservoir in seconds, which ensures that you can hit the horn almost as much as you want without running out of air. The pump is equipped with thermal overload protection so even when it gets hot due to weather conditions or being run repeatedly it will not suffer damage, although it will be unable to function until it has cooled down sufficiently. The compressor has standard mounting points and can be installed without drilling holes if such mounting points are provided.

The 3L reservoir is likewise rugged, yet small enough to fit concealed within a truck’s cab or under the front seats of a van. Although it is not weather-proof and it is not recommended that it be installed externally, it is more than durable enough to withstand impacts without becoming damaged or leaking, provided that its connection points do not become bent or snapped off. Made of high-quality aluminum, it will not corrode and can take up to 200 PSI. Because of the reservoirs 3L size, it is handily capable of delivering a horn blast for several seconds, more than enough time to get the immediate attention of even distant or inattentive drivers. The reservoir uses standard fittings and can be hooked up to pre-installed hoses if they are available. Otherwise, the kit includes high-quality aircraft-grade hoses suitable for exiting the cab and being mounted externally to connect to the horns.

The reservoir feeds into a four-horn system. While four horns doesn’t mean that the blast will be louder than systems with fewer horns, as it is already limited to 149 dB by state and federal limits, the four horns produce a complex chord which helps the sound feel louder and travel further. It also helps the noise cut through interference and be heard over other noises, making it ideal for use in areas that are crowded and noise-ridden where a less complex horn sound might not be distinct enough to be noticed. Indeed, this four horn system is very hard not to notice, not just in terms of its volume but also in terms of its appearance. The horns are chrome plated, which not only ensures they will last as long as the vehicle they are installed on, but that they will look great and be a bright accent for any vehicle. The horns are mounted using a standard mounting bracket and can be installed using existing mounting points if they are available.

The Vixen Horns 4 Trumpets STK 2/2 Train Horn Kit offers a louder, more complex and pleasing sound than almost any other train horn kit on the market and does so while looking amazing and costing less than a new set of tires. The rugged construction of the kit’s components, while not sufficient for external mounting (unless placed inside a waterproof enclosure) is more than enough to ensure that the horns will last as long or longer than the vehicle in which they are installed. The fact that the horn can be activated using either a button or as a replacement for an existing horn also adds flexibility, and allows drivers to be exactly as loud as they want in a given situation. Additionally, because the system is simple and easy to install, it isn’t necessary to hire a professional or go to a mechanic in order to install the horn. As such, the Vixen Horns 4 Trumpets STK 2/2 Train Horn Kit makes an excellent choice for any truck or van owners who want to bring the noise in a way that stands out in both sounds and looks.

User Reviews

Posted by Alex B.

  • 4/5

The tone on this is a bit higher than I’d like, but to the casual listener (or kids) it’s close enough. I was a bit worried it wouldn’t be loud enough when I saw how small all the components were, especially the air line and horns themselves. But I was wrong – this thing is CRAZY loud! The quality of the components seems high for the most part, but there are some shortcomings. The air line is too short for most installs and it’s hard to find at most shops. The fuse holder and wire gauge are wholly inadequate for the load the compressor requires, and you really should just use your own, higher gauge wire and fuses.
Make sure you have enough space for everything before you buy. I planned to put this in a 2014 Jeep Wrangler, with the tank installed between the subwoofer and rear seat. It did not fit, so make sure you measure and plan ahead. I ended up having to shove it somewhere else. I also had to cut the rack of horns from one rack of four into two racks of two in order to fit them under the Jeep. I managed fit them under the jeep facing rearward between the exhaust pipe and drive shaft. It’s a tight fit and time will tell whether or not this is a good location, especially since I do a lot of off-roading. They may not be sufficiently out of harm’s way. I’ve put tube socks over them to help – not exactly the prettiest solution but what with them being concealed under the Jeep I don’t think it matters.

Posted by Juan Gavilan

  • 4/5

If you get this you’ll want to just throw out the switches and wire they provide. They are just not up to the task. The wire is too low gauge and the switches are so awful one of them broke in my hand. And you’ll need two switches, otherwise the compressor will stay on all the time and you may blow your air line. Instead use two switches and just turn both on when you want to use your horn, the compressor fills up the reservoir really fast so you don’t need to leave it running all the time. You’ll also want to provide your own coupling to connect the black air line from the compressor to the reservoir. And bring your own wire, the provided wire is too short and it feels like it’s too low gauge to be safe. Be sure to get enough to connect the tank to the compressor and the compressor to the switches and the switches to the actual horn. It’s a very inconvenient setup and install but it ends up working great. Really wish that the kit included these things or was more clear about how you need to get them yourself. I still like the end result though.

Posted by Derek

  • 3/5

There’s a lot they put in this kit that is just painfully inadequate. I had to use my own air hose and shop clamp to get the fittings on correctly. The horns are indeed quite loud but not as loud as I was hoping, especially with all the trouble I went to installing them. And a couple of months after the install, they began to squeak at times, making me worry that they are going to fail. I probably should have gone with a more expensive kit with better components.

Posted by rblizz85

  • 1/5

I have bought many horn kits in the past and they have always been fantastic additions to whatever car or truck I’ve installed them on. I always do my own installs and while I am not an expert I am certainly experienced and know what separates a good kit from a bad one. I say this because I want to make clear that I’m speaking from a point of experience when I say that this kit is a real disappointment.
Upon unboxing these horns I found that there was a crack in the brass gauge. This is not something that should be broken at the factory or in shipping, it should be a very heavy duty product.
After several days of use, the horns started to sound off, then bad. I contacted the manufacturer and they agreed to send replacement horns if I shipped them back. They did not agree to cover the shipping cost at first but eventually, they relented and the new horns did work fine. But it was still frustrating they were not initially so willing to stand behind the product.
After a week of use, the compressor kept turning off and on every few minutes. This is usually indicative of a leak, so I checked the fittings, and sure enough after only a week they are already leaking badly. And not just the provided ones, the ones welded to the compressor. I reached out to the manufacturer again and they gave me a real plastic hassle over it. They said I needed to return the whole kit, not just the compressor, at my own expense, and wouldn’t ship out a new one until I returned the old one. This is really just no good way to stand behind your product, especially when you’re already aware I had trouble with the horns. Just admit there’s a problem with this kit and fix it.
The sad part is that the horns do sound amazing. Fantastic, even. If you get a good kit it’s an amazing value for the money. I’d just say that if you get this kit, test each component separately and then see if you need to send it back for a refund or replacement. And don’t get it if you aren’t able to put in the extra time and effort of all this testing and possible returning/replacing.

Posted by Jeff

  • 1/5

I don’t write many reviews, and as a mechanical engineer by trade I typically treat poor reviews with a grain of salt with the assumption the unit was poorly installed. I take a long time installing products to make sure I account for every contingency and in this case even had an ongoing dialog with Vixen prior to settling on the mounting location. Even with all the documentation, evidence of a quality install, neither the Vixen or HookedOntronics would stand behind the product. The attached video I shot as a guide to help other do-it-your-selfers, so many of the details will still apply even with a better product or supplier.

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