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Highest Rated Train Horn Kits
Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5thntbl-table__imageHornBlasters Conductor's Special 540
  • Can be heard over a four mile range
  • Comes with the Viair 400C compressor
  • Includes a pressure switch
Rating: 4.8/5Rating: 4.8/5thntbl-table__imageViking Horns 101C3
  • Has three, chrome plated trumpet horns
  • Includes a 1.5 gallon air tank
  • Can work in any vehicle from crossover to semi-truck
Rating: 4.7/5Rating: 4.7/5thntbl-table__imageHornBlasters Outlaw 127
  • Comes with the solenoid valve pre-installed
  • Uses stainless steel diaphragms
  • The 3 trumpets are mounted on one bracket

Train Horn Kit Reviews – Best Value for the Money

Train Horns are increasingly becoming a necessary safety option for modern truck owners. As modern cars become more and more soundproof, and drivers become more and more distracted, more and more accidents involving trucks and smaller cars, cyclists and pedestrians are occurring. Truck owners are quickly finding out what train engineers have known for almost two centuries: that many people simply don’t have the good sense to get out of the way unless they are first startled by a very loud noise. Fortunately, kits to install train-style horns on modern trucks, even those as small as a standard pickup, are now more affordable and easy to install than ever before. After only a few hours work, even the most oblivious pedestrian wearing the most noise canceling headphones will be aware of your approach, and any wild animals, distracted drivers or other hazards will be jolted into motion with just the satisfying push of a single button. Here, you will find the best train horn kits available based on the budget.

Nathan Airchime P5 540 – Best High End Train Horn Kit

Nathan Airchime P5 540

When you want bystanders to stand up and take notice, and price is not a factor, the Nathan Airchime P5 540 train horn kit is the setup you need. The five-horn kit emanates the classic, deep tones commonly heard from trains during the 50s and 60s. The sturdy design combined with years of reliable functionality are reasons why railroads continue using the horns today.

The trumpets are constructed of die-cast aluminum, which enables users to apply paint or powder coat in any color desired to match your vehicle’s body. The kit is designed to be easily installed in order to put the horns in use shortly after purchase. The sizable air tank enables the horns to have a maximum blast time of five seconds. Create several small toots or one long, continuous blast.

Each Nathan Airchime P5 540 kit comes with:

• Five die-cast horns
• A heavy-duty Viair 400 C air compressor- measures L 9 inches (228.6 millimeters) x W 4 inches (102 millimeters) x H 7.05 inches (179 millimeters) and weighs 8 pounds (4 kilograms)
• One five-gallon air tank that fills in 1.5 minutes-measures L 20.5 inches (520.7 millimeters) x W 9.5 inches (241.3 millimeters) x H 11.5 inches (292.1 millimeters) and weighs 20 pounds (9.07 kilograms)
• 110/150 PSI pressure switch replacement
• Air filters
• 17 feet of ½ inch D.O.T. approved airline
• 12-volt air valve
• All the buttons, connectors and fittings for installation
• Detailed installation instruction manual
• One-year manufacturer’s warranty

The specially manufactured manifold was constructed in such a way as to enable multi-directional signaling. As the bells are easily reversed, you conveniently have more installation choices compared to a fixed mounting setup. Rubber gaskets on the horns prevent damage to the diaphragm, which means you get years of use without having to worry about corrosion.

The Airchime horns are a wonderful choice for vehicles displayed during automotive shows, parades, sporting events and other festivities. The trumpets are excessively loud and should not be used in small, confined spaces or within 100 feet of people outside of the vehicle. Train horn operators should also consider wearing hearing protection to avoid ear damage. Consumers must also be aware of local noise restrictions that may apply.

Kleinn Air Horns HK9 – Best Under $1000

Kleinn Air Horns HK9

The HK-9 train horn kit manufactured by Kleinn Automotive is one of the leading products on the market when wanting impressive sound. Although often used on trains and big rigs, the kit makes it possible for any vehicle owner to create a deafening sound. Kleinn air horns provide years of satisfactory performance in addition to looking great.

The configuration of the components also enables you to choose from many different installation options. Each kit comes with three triple-tuned, flat black trumpets that measure 18.25 inches, 14.75 inches and 10.25 inches. The extra wide bells on each horn are designed to produce a blast loud enough to be physically felt and heard. The trumpets additionally contain individual solenoids and are easily mounted is customizable displays. The HK-9 package also includes:

• A 150 PSI heavy-duty, oilless air compressor measuring 23 inches x 18 inches x 21 inches and weighs 53.5 pounds
• A 5-gallon air tank measuring 20 inches x 8.5 inches x 11 inches
• VX6003 high-performance air valve
• 12-volt electronic solenoids
• Pressure switch 120 PSI/on-150 PSI/off
• Brass air fittings
• Drain and safety valves plus outlet air fitting
• Snorkel remote air intake
• Steel-braided leader hose complete with check valve
• 12 feet of high-pressure nylon air tubing
• 35-foot inflation coil hose
• Wiring and installation kit
• Horn button
• Installation instructions

The detachable horns that come with the sealed air system are made from spun steel and feature stainless steel diaphragms. Each horn is also protected with Kleinn’s XCR 2.0 extreme corrosion-resistant powder coating. The entire outfit was specially created to withstand the elements and provide long-lasting performance.

In the chance that the HK-9 does not produce enough volume, Kleinn also includes an Ultra BlastMaster valve upgrade kit. This gives you two more Kleinn VX6003 valves and the necessary fittings plus an additional ½ inch D.O.T.-rated air line to obtain maximum pressure air flow from the tank to each horn.

HornBlasters Conductor Special HK-S4-228VX – Best Under $500

HornBlasters Conductor Special HK-S4-228VX

The HK-S4-228VX Conductor Special is ideal for DIY or hobbyists wanting to equip their vehicle with classic, deep bellowing blasts. The 228VX remains one of the most popular kits in the HornBlasters inventory of products secondary to the unit’s easy installation and overall compact size. Best of all, HornBlasters are manufactured in the USA.

The four train horns that come in the kit are made using heavy-duty fiberglass-reinforced ABS plastic plus brass and stainless steel. The stainless steel diaphragms in each horn ensure rust-prevention for long-lasting performance. The longest of the four horns spans 20 inches in length. The bells are a compact 5 inches in diameter. Each individual horn is also tuned to produce a specific note.

Unlike other kits, the 228VX trumpet kit enables you to mount the horns wherever desired, separately or together, as they do not share a manifold. The entire kit requires no more than one-cubic foot of space. Along with the four horns, each HornBlasters Conductor’s Special HK-S4-228VX package comes with:

• A Viair 2-gallon (8.8 liters) air tank
• A Viair 280C air compressor
• A Viair 110/145 PSI pressure switch
• A 175 PSI safety valve
• A drain cock
• 10 feet of 5/16 inch D.O.T.-rated airline
• 17 feet of ½ inch D.O.T.-rated airline
• 20 feet of frost-proof 12-gauge wiring
• A ½-inch NPT electric solenoid valve
• Brass NPT fittings
• Plumbing and wiring kit
• Mounting hardware
• Detailed installation manual

The lightweight kit may be small, but it produces a powerful sound that can be heard nearly two miles from your actual location. The flexibility of the kit’s design enables you to easily install the unit on a pickup, car or SUV. The kit also features standard line sizes and pipe threading. HornBlasters additionally includes a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Viking Horns V101C-3 – Best Under $300

Viking Horns V101C-3

If you want the traditional sound of a train horn blast but do not want to blow your budget, the Viking Horns V101C kit is the ideal choice. The kit includes three metal, chrome-plated trumpets that together produce a quality, deep-toned 149 decibels of deafening sound. The horns measure L 15″ x W 11″ x H 4-1/4″. Each horn has a large 6 ¼-inch diameter bell. The setup is great for big rigs, pickups, SUVs or boats. The kit is also easy to install. In addition to the train horns, each V101C package comes equipped with:

• A 1.5-gallon air tank
• A 12-volt, 150 PSI air compressor
• 240 PSI air gauge
• A 120/150 PSI pressure switch
• A 3/8-inch heavy-duty electric air valve
• Air safety release valve
• ½-inch D.O.T.-rated high-pressure air hose
• Mounting brackets
• Brass fittings and installation hardware
• Electrical wiring
• Horn button

Install the kit for safety, to make a statement or for 4×4 backroads adventures. Viking Horns also come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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