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Kleinn HK7 has an average rating of 3.67 out of 5 based on 3 user reviews.
Kleinn HK7

Make your truck’s bark match its bite with the Kleinn HK7 Train Horn Kit. When it’s time to step up your sound game, there’s only one air horn in the business that has the power to put out noise like Kleinn. It’s not just fun – it’s for your safety, too. When you’re coming down a back road, nothing will get out of the way of your rig with a tiny “meep-meep.” With hundreds of satisfied customers and many repeat buyers, nothing gets you more blast for your buck like Kleinn.

Pro-Blaster Complete ABS triple train horn package

When factory installation just isn’t good enough, the Pro-Blaster Kleinn HK& gets the job done. This is a black, high-impact ABS triple train horn positioned on a flat rack mount. For different pitches of sound and degrees of volume, the kit has three tuned trumpets. Don’t worry about the sound shaking things loose – it high impact ABS. If your vehicle won’t fit a full-sized train horn, the trumpet horns can be separated from the mounts to install in vehicles that could not otherwise fit full-sized train horns.

The kit includes a full onboard air system, so it won’t take power away from your truck’s existing intake system. The air system is a 100% duty WATERPROOF air compressor, with a 3-gallon tank and a tire inflation kit, complete with a storage bag. Now updated for better performance – the Model 230 Train Horn now includes a VORTEX 6 all-brass high flow solenoid air valve.

Each Kleinn HK7 Kit includes these features:

  • Rock and rumble down the road with the jaw-shaking, bone-blasting bellow of the Kleinn Pro-blaster Train Horn Kit
  • Perfectly tuned to emit the distinctive moan of a powerful train engine – over 150 dB loud!
  • Sized to fit just about any large vehicle – universal rack sizing is perfect for SUVs, Pick-ups, and even tour vans
  • Trumpet sizes are 17.5″, 14.5″ and 11.5″
  • For more options, available in multiple sizes and trumpet arrangements – pick the one that suits your truck best
  • Don’t worry about them falling apart – these trumpets are crafted from premium materials
  • No one will miss you on the road with 150 PSI working pressure behind every push of your horn
  • The kit comes complete with a low-amp air compressor, a top quality air horn, and premium nylon tubing to attach the air intake to the powerful trumpets
  • Air tank is equipped with air fittings, a safety valve, and a drain
  • Perfect for the weekend project – each kit is complete with all wiring, plumbing, and a full instruction manual
  • Keep honking – every Kleinn Pro Blaster Train Horn Kit is backed by a comprehensive 1-Year Warranty

When your truck is ready to make the evolution to Beast Mode

Let ’em know you’re coming and you aren’t taking any prisoners with the crazy-loud Kleinn Pro Blaster Train Horn Kit. You aren’t messing around when you pump your trumpet and blast with the power of a locomotive screaming like Metallica. Upgrade as loud as legally possible with 150 dB of door-shaking, heart-quaking sound.

You might hear amperage this loud from Disturbed or Korn, but you’ll be the only one on the road to match the ear-piercing, symphony horn quality trumpet blast from your Kleinn HK7 Pro Blaster Train Horn Kit. You won’t need to spring for extras – each system comes complete with a low-draw air compressor and a high-PSI air tank as the blast for your truck’s bark. Not just that – you’ll have all the wiring and plumbing you need to install, including easy-to-follow instructions as well as online chat for any special questions you have. It’s the ideal project to invite the boys over to play with.

Perfect for pickups, SUVs and tour vans, Kleinn Pro Blaster Train Horn Kits come in a range of universal styles to fit your rig’s engine bay and your ear’s demands. Each supersonic system includes detailed mounting and wiring instructions. And, they’re all covered by a 1-Year Warranty.

What kind of accessory will keep you safe for off-road mudding?

When you’re stirring up the mud and kicking up dirt, you gotta let ’em know where you are. Use the Kleinn HK7 Pro Blaster Train Horn Kit to make sure that that you safely show you’re coming. If you plan to mount this on your mudder, you just have to be thoughtful on where and how you mount it. Most customers mount it so that the trumpets will not get filled – if a little bit of dirt or debris gets in, you can blast it out! For more in-depth questions about how and where to install it, make sure to use our customer service online chat feature.

You don’t have to be a tough mudder to have the sound power of an Ozzfest concert under your hood. The sound quality of the Kleinn HK7 is worth every penney, and we have hundreds of repeat customers. When you’re on the freeway, you don’t have to worry about your horn getting lost in the little squeaks of a Hyundai or Toyota. Make your bark match your bite with the deep sound and powerful blast from the triple trumpet Kleinn HK7.

User Reviews

Posted by RajenCajun

  • 5/5

This is a great set of horns. Comes with everything needed for the install. You might want to add a couple of electrical connectors and a circuit, though. And you will, of course, need to find your own way to mount it on the truck, and this might merit some more of your own hardware. The horns sound great, though, and are SUPER loud.

Posted by Scott

  • 4/5

I would highly recommend this product except that the installation is very difficult. If you don’t have a lot of experience with automotive wiring it might be a good idea to pay for the install or find a friend who can do it for you. I didn’t and my install was a pain, and it just doesn’t look right, even though I’ve got it working. The instructions are okay, but they really don’t help the layman figure out how to wire up everything, much less provide any info on how to mount it. Step-by-step instructions would be a big help. If you decide to do it yourself, do yourself a favor and browse online forums and YouTube videos first so you can get a better idea of what goes where and why. Hiring a professional can cost as much as $800, which is several times the cost of the kit! When it was finally in there, though, it sounded amazing.
When I sold my truck the new owner thought so too. My mechanic hated it, though. He accidentally set it off a few times while working on it, scared the crap out of him. It’s so loud you can mount it anywhere, a real nasty surprise if the guy in front of you fall asleep at the light. I could fit the entire thing in the frame rail! I’m going to get another kit for my new truck because no one messes with you when they hear this thing! Were it not for the lousy instructions I’d give it a full five stars.

Posted by Richard

  • 2/5

I bought the HK 7 Pro blaster was $752 cost me $1000 to get it installed I brought the upgrade for another $172 I am very disappointed in this the best it will do his pump up to 140 pounds of pressure it will only put out 121 decimal. I called Kleinn airhorns that was no help. Was really excited about getting them now I’m very disappointed. Sounds like a sick airhorn.

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