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HornBlasters Conductor’s Special 540 has an average rating of 5 out of 5 based on 4 user reviews.

Train horns are quickly becoming a must-have accessory for truck owners. Not only do they enable trucks to be heard even through the most intensive modern soundproofing, they add attitude and value to a truck, unlike any other accessory. Whether used as a replacement for or supplement to a traditional horn, train horns just make trucks better, in terms of fun as well as looks. The fact that they also provide added safety when driving in areas with lots of blind turns or in heavy traffic is also a great excuse when their practicality is questioned. After all, it’s hard to miss something as loud as a train, even when one is distracted by cell phones, children, or other nuisances that cause distracted driving.

HornBlasters has been producing train horns for all types of vehicles for many years and has allowed themselves to be limited only by state and federal noise regulations. The ultimate example of their desire for excess is the Conductor’s Special 540, which is a massive four-horn system intended to bring the maximum amount of noise allowed by law and physics. As such, it has a massive reservoir that enables blasts of up to 15 seconds in length and 149 decibels in volume, which is comparable to a jet engine or jackhammer. Backed up by a high-quality compressor, the Conductor’s Special 540 represents a premium quality product. Best of all, it offers more than just noise, as its kit components are all designed to fit a variety of accessories and can provide air pressure and pneumatic power to all sorts of attachments while still being rugged enough for off-road use.

HornBlasters Conductor's Special 540

The Conductor’s Special 540 uses a Viair 400C compressor as the source for its air. The Viair 400c is capable of filling the provided five-gallon tank to 150 PSO in under two minutes but can fill the tank to a lesser level if short, repeated blasts are needed. Viair independently warranties the unit for three years, although it has an expected lifespan of about ten years under normal use. The Viair 400C pumps out an incredible 2.54 CFM while drawing only 30 amps, making it suitable for most trucks and ensuring it does not overload any electrical systems. Its detachable hose is very durable and can be used to re-inflate tires as well as operate the horn, provided suitable attachments are used. It is capable of refilling the reservoir in under two minutes and can be set to run automatically whenever it detects the reservoir has become depleted. The compressor comes with a “snorkel” kit to enable it to be mounted in places where it would otherwise become clogged with dirt, thus enabling it to be more easily fitted to the underside or inside body panels rather than needing to remain in the cab, helping save cab space.

The Conductor’s Special 540 uses a DOT-rated five-gallon reservoir. Made in America, it is capable of holding up to 300 PSI safely and has a burst rating of 800 PSI, creating a wide margin of safety. Multiple ports on the side enable the tank to be used for more than just the horns, as additional hoses and outlets can be run from the reservoir for the purposes of inflating tires, providing portable pressure for pneumatic tools, and other compressed air applications. These multiple mounting points also make it easy to install a safety valve or bleed-off valve in tight spaces, helping the large tank to fit under or behind existing seats. The tank can power the horns for up to fifteen seconds before needing to be recharged, and can both power the horns and be refilled at the same time to reduce recharge time. It is durable enough for external mounting and can ideally be placed in the truck bed for ease of access and utility. Thanks to its five-gallon size, it is capable of supplying multiple systems at the same time, so you won’t lose your horn just because you need to use something else.

The horns themselves are made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic and designed to last for decades. While it is possible to mount them on the roof of a vehicle, they are designed to be tough enough to withstand being mounted in the engine bay, provided there is enough room. Considering they pump out 149 decibels, the muffling effect of the steel around the engine bay is minimal at best, enabling them to become quite the surprise to the unwary motorist blocking you in traffic. The horns are tuned to exactly mimic the industry standard train horn in both note and volume, and without looking at where it is coming from it is impossible to distinguish the sound of a HornBlasters Conductor’s Special 540 from a real train. This is not only a fun surprise on the highway, the chord of notes chosen for trains has been shown to carry an abnormally far distance, enabling this horn to be heard as much as four miles away. This makes it ideal for off-road vehicles, which may need to use their horn to drive off wildlife, warn other off-roaders, or summon distant help.

The HornBlasters Conductor’s Special 540 offers unparalleled noise that can be heard from miles away, as well as a perfect replication of the sound of a real train horn. But in addition to adding noise, the HornBlasters Conductor’s Special 540 offers real utility by providing a solid air compressor and reservoir system suitable for all sorts of utility operations. Most cheaper kits either can’t be installed outside of the cab or can only provide enough air for the horns themselves. The HornBlasters Conductor’s Special 540 offers a full air system in addition to the powerful horns, powerful enough to re-inflate tires or even power a compressed air suspension system. The kit’s components are rugged and will last for years even on off-road trucks. This makes it a perfect, albeit admittedly expensive, option for truck owners looking to add utility as well as noise to their truck.

User Reviews

Posted by Raggedy Daddy

  • 5/5

I installed this kit on a 2005 Chevy Colorado no problem. Don’t let anyone knock this kit! The plastic horns work GREAT and will not break or sound off. They’re amazing! And the Viar 400c is probably the best compressor at that price. I installed the horns under the toolbox near the bed and put the rest of the components inside the toolbox. Saves space and protects them from the rain!
Just make sure you drain the tank from time to time, moisture does build up in there. Also, the thread tape is crap – bring your own, or use some pipe dope to get things airtight. This’ll help keep the tank full longer and keep your compressor from having to run too long or all the time. Just remember to honk responsibly, these things are LOUD!

Posted by Craig

  • 5/5

This horn kit is SUPER LOUD and is the best thing I ever installed on my truck! I lifted my ’08 Chevy and there was plenty of room to put the horns between the grill and radiator. The tank is inside the front bumper. It’s invisible and it’s a great surprise. A real hit at outdoor concerts too.

Posted by Sheepdog

  • 5/5

The noise of this kit is indescribable! You really gotta be careful when you blast it – you could give someone a heart attack!. Everything but the mounting hardware was included but that was no big deal because it let me get “creative” with figuring out how to hide it in my truck. Just might be a problem for some people, but I had fun figuring out how to get it in there! I ended up choosing a momentary button instead of the included toggles and called HornBlasters about it, wanting to order one. They got it to me in two days – great customer service, super dedicated to customers! I bought a triple trumpet horn and compressor awhile ago and I just wasn’t happy but HornBlasters is PERFECT and they made sure I was happy.

Posted by Brian R.

  • 5/5

Totally awesome horn kit! I bought one for my husband’s truck. It took forever to install because there aren’t any brackets for the horns (the kit could use some improvement) but we managed to figure out. HornBlasters made it easier, we e-mailed them and they had no problem answering our questions. They helped us through the whole install and e-mailed back pretty quickly.

Posted by Joseph M Guinn


Katrina train will wake the dead unbelievable fast shipping quality products you would be a fool to shop any where else thank you guys so much I promise to tell any one who asks me where I got these horns from go to horn blasters

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