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Highest Rated Train Horn Kits

1HornBlasters Conductor's Special 540
2Viking Horns 101C3
3HornBlasters Outlaw 127
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For cars, the best train horn kits are usually compact kits that fit in the limited space of a car. The size and body shape of cars are practical considerations with most kits. Vehicles of a smaller size will have limited options for placement of the equipment. A few kits in particular make ideal choices for cars, and some are better suited for people installing a train horn for the first time.

Outlaw Black 228CX

When attempting an installation for the first time on a car, this kit is ideal. A great starter kit, the Outlaw Black is designed to be easy for inexperienced but enthusiastic hobbyists. With the 228CX, the tank/compressor combination unit is mounted upright in an enclosed area.

Loud Mouth Kits

The 120 PSI Loud Mouth Triple Train Horn Kit is another entry-level kit. This one blends affordability with performance, making it a good fit for a car. Featuring a small compressor, the Loud Mouth Quad Train 120 PSI Kit is another suitable option for getting started with train horns for cars. It boasts an impressive blast, and its steel and chrome give it a slick appearance that enhances most car models.

Psychoblaster 228

This Psychoblaster kit is a standard air horn kit and features a low-profile mount and an integrated valve assembly for installing in tight spaces on a vehicle. This makes it a good practical option for installing on cars. The power and high quality of the Psychoblaster make the kit a great value for a car accessory.

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