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Highest Rated Train Horn Kits

1HornBlasters Conductor's Special 540
2Viking Horns 101C3
3HornBlasters Outlaw 127
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Selecting train horns for trucks begins with determining the presence of a cab or truck box. When a pickup truck has a cab or a truck box, the compressor can be mounted where it will not be exposed to the weather. Additionally mounting the compressor in a cab or truck box often requires a compact compressor.  A few kits in particular are ideally suited for this type of pickup.

Loud Mouth 150 PSI Triple

The 150 Triple Train Horn Kit is the premier product for pickup trucks and our best selling kit. The air compressor/tank combination unit makes it ideal for this type of vehicle, and it offers extraordinary sound. The 150 PSI Quad is another kit that works well for this type of vehicle. As with the Triple Horn Kit, this one has the combination unit of the compressor and air tank, making it a good fit when cabs and truck boxes are available.

Conductor’s Special 127H

The HornBlasters Conductor’s Special 127H is another good fit for this type of truck. This kit offers savings on space without compromising quality or sound. This is a particularly compact product that works well with a cab or truck box, but it still produces impressive sounds.

Conductor’s Special 228VX

The HornBlasters Conductor’s Special 228VX boasts an imposing sound that closely resembles a train, making it one of the coolest pickup truck accessories anywhere. For added flexibility with truck installation, the horns may be mounted independently. Another kit with a compact air compressor, this one is ideal for installation when a cab or truck box is present.

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