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Highest Rated Train Horn Kits
Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5thntbl-table__imageHornBlasters Conductor's Special 540
  • Can be heard over a four mile range
  • Comes with the Viair 400C compressor
  • Includes a pressure switch
Rating: 4.8/5Rating: 4.8/5thntbl-table__imageViking Horns 101C3
  • Has three, chrome plated trumpet horns
  • Includes a 1.5 gallon air tank
  • Can work in any vehicle from crossover to semi-truck
Rating: 4.7/5Rating: 4.7/5thntbl-table__imageHornBlasters Outlaw 127
  • Comes with the solenoid valve pre-installed
  • Uses stainless steel diaphragms
  • The 3 trumpets are mounted on one bracket

A train air horn is a great accessory for your vehicle. The realistic, high-decibel sound will definitely get more notice and bring more fun than your factory horn. DIY train horn kits are available that include everything you need, including the tank that supplies the air to your horn, the air compressor to refill the tank, and the hoses and wiring you need to connect the horn with your vehicle power and make it work. There are a wide range of horn kits out there, but here are some of the loudest, and at a reasonable price.

Affordable Train Horn Kits

Are you looking for a train horn kit for your car, pickup, motorcycle or big rig but don’t want to spend over $300? Are you afraid you won’t get your money’s worth out of the product you buy? Well I have great news for you! Some of the best train horn kits on the market are available for under $300!

1. Viking Horns V101C

Viking Horns V101C

The Viking V101C is one of the loudest you’ll find at this price. It produces up to 149 decibels, which is much louder than a real train, and with a rich sound from a triple set of horn trumpets. To make this kind of noise, it utilizes a compressor, 1.5 gallon air tank, and a heavy duty pressure tank producing 150 PSI.

The total weight of all included parts is only 25 pounds. The kit includes 1/2″ air hose for connecting the horn to the tank and the 3/8″ electric solenoid valve. The V101C kit also comes with a free horn button, 120/150 PSI pressure switch, mounting hardware, brass fittings, wiring harness, pressure gauge, and detailed installation instructions.

The horn trumpets are metal and chrome-plated for durability, anti-corrosion, and a showy look. You can either wire it up as your regular horn or use the included toggle switch. Ultimately, if you want air horns that look sharp, sound great, and are super-loud, the V101C is the right choice.

2. Kleinn HK3-1

Kleinn Air Horns HK3-1

Kleinn’s HK3-1 is a smaller product with a one gallon air tank and a 130 PSI compressor system. The weight of the entire system is only about 18 pounds. The horn itself is 20″ x 17″ x 8″. But it delivers a realistic train horn sound from it’s triple XCR trumpets. These are sized at 14″, 11″, and 9″ inches, made of a zinc alloy, and painted black, though chromed trumpets are also available.
All hardware for installation is included, along with the wiring, horn button, fittings, pressure switch, installation instructions, and 12 feet of nylon air line. The compressor is sealed to keep out moisture and dust.

The HK3-1 with it’s smaller tank and compressor are easy to fit and install to almost any vehicle, but seem undersized compared to other models. The compressor is also surprisingly loud so you may want to mount it outside the vehicle. However, Kleinn maintains that the horn can go as loud as 152 decibels and offers a good one-year warranty and guarantee of satisfaction.

One gallon of compressed air isn’t much for sustained blasts, and tends to drain quickly if over-used. The components seem like they could be of better quality, but do hold up well. Overall, for the price, the kit comes with everything you need for a quick install. And it does deliver a powerful, convincing train horn blast.

3. HornBlasters Rocker HK-S2-228DX

HornBlasters Rocker HK-S2-228DX

The entire HK-S2-228DX kit weights about 32 pounds and measures 21″ x 21″ x 16″. The horn itself is made with stainless steel, rust-proof internal components. The two-gallon tank and Viair 280C compressor are designed to fit into tight places.
The kit includes all necessary mounting hardware, a 110/145 PSI pressure switch, 17 feet of 1/2″ air line, all wiring and fittings, and full instruction manual. The air tank will support horn blasts of up to 14 seconds in duration and will hold a max 150 PSI.

There is 10 feet of 5/16 air line and extra 1/4″ fittings on the tank for connecting to air tools or pumping up tire pressure. However, it’s designed for a horn, not as a work compressor, so inflating tires will drain the tank fast.

The dual horns are made of ABS plastic like most of HornBlaster’s products, which means they may crack under impact, but at least won’t corrode or rust. The quality of sound is a bit limited but there’s certainly nothing wrong with the output. They are deafeningly loud, and every other vehicle on the road will know you’re coming through.

All of the components seem of good quality, with the possible exception of the air line itself. You may want to go with something more rugged and with more reliable fittings. Still, the installation right out of the box isn’t too difficult.
HornBlasters has been making these products for 20 years, and the Rocker HK doesn’t disappoint. This is among the best at this price range.

4. Wolo Siberian Express

Wolo 847-858 Siberian Express

The Wolo 847-858 cranks out 152 decibels from a horn measuring 15″ x 5″ x 6″. That some pretty compact power. It comes from a 2 1/2 gallon air tank and a compressor only about the size of thick hard-cover book. But everything has a feel of solid construction from a kit that weighs in at 33 pounds. It includes all the mounting hardware, brass fittings, 10 feet of high-pressure hose, and a 20-foot coiled hose for auxiliary use. It also includes the 12-volt solenoid valve, and full wiring harness.

Siberian Express also uses ABS plastic horns to good effect. It’s triple-trumpet horn puts out quality sound as well as high-decibel volume. Plastic horns have their positive side, as the lighter weight makes installation easier, and provides less vibration that could distort the harmonics. The trumpets have a semi-gloss black finish on a steel mounting base that’s finished in a silver coat to prevent rust.

The compressor motor delivers 2.55 cubic feet per minute from a low-maintenance magnetic motor. There’s also a washable air filter and four heavy rubber bushings to reduce vibration on the compressor and extend it’s useful life. Everything is built to last; even the compressor-tank line is made of stainless steel. The tank itself has a built-in pressure switch and drain valve. Even mounted together, they occupy a total space of just 17″ x 6″ x 15″.

For the price, it’s a very satisfactory system. The quality of some of the workmanship, especially the hardware, could use some improvements. But that’s part of the reason for the low price. The basic system is quite good; easy to install if you have some vehicle wiring experience, reliable, simple to maintain, and very loud. If you want a good train horn at a good price, you’ll be happy with the Wolo 847-858.

5. Vixen Horns VXO8330

Vixen Horns VXO8330

The VXO8330 kit is a four-trumpet horn that packs in all the features you’d expect of a more expensive model. The 12-volt, 200 PSI compressor fills a three gallon tank that can produce 149 decibels of quality sound through solid, black-finished . anodized aluminum trumpets. These are securely mounted in a horn engineered for all-weather use. The horns are 14″, 11″, 9″, and 8″ with a 3.75 inch flare to produce a realistic train horn sound.

The kit includes the mounting hardware, thermal overload protector, pressure gauge, pressure switch, horn button, solenoid valve, and 1/4″ air line. It includes the insulated, waterproof 30-amp wiring harness for easy insulation. The compressor is designed with vibration isolators and automatic reset for rough roads. Mounting brackets are protected with an anti-corrosive coating. The VXO8330 kit comes with a user manual that can also be downloaded as a PDF file. All this comes to a combined weight of a surprisingly light 20 pounds.

It’s very easy to install. In many trucks, you can simply wire it into the factory horn with our without a switch to toggle between. The respectable 3-gallon tank comes with several extra 1/4″ ports so you can hook up your air tools and do a little work when necessary.

The actual operating pressure is more like 175 PSI, but that’s still plenty loud. The compressor seems to have a lower flow of only about 1.7 cubic feet per minute. You may also have to replace the O-ring on the dump valve to stop leaks, but that’s a pretty simple task. To get maximum performance and dependability you might want to upgrade the compressor at some point.

In sum, Vixen Horns has provided a nice, easy-to-install system at a value price. If it’s attention you want, you’ll definitely be pleased with the VXO8330 train horn’s quality of sound and high-decibel power.

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