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Kleinn Train Horns Review

Kleinn Automotive Air Horns is one of the nation leading brand in all your automotive horn needs. They were founded in 1999 in Tucson, AZ and have become a highly sought after distributor and wholesaler.

Kleinn horns have an industry leading reputation. The horns they manufacture are top quality and can be applied to several modes of automotive transportation. Not just for trains, you can install Kleinn air horns in your boat, car, or truck. Beyond that they offer other air systems and products like compressors.

Order Online at Kleinn.com

Their website design is clean, sleek and easy to navigate. Their menu system is simple: all the tabs are located right on the sidebar. Getting around their website is easy, no hidden links, and simple enough for even the novice internet user to browse without trouble. For easy, no hassle shipping find a Kleinn retailer or distributor and order your products through them. They will use standard shipping services like UPS, Fed Ex, or the United States Postal Service. The website offers easy search options to find retailers near you as well as buy now options if you are in a rush.

Depending who you buy from the warranty and refund policy will be different. Make sure to do research into which company you buy Kleinn products from as you will need to deal with them in order to refund or exchange your items.

Getting in touch with support

Support is easy to find on the Kleinn website, just click on the ‘Contact Kleinn’ tab and then type your query into the empty boxes. Their support is free, their answers come fast and are given by professionals. Do not go to anybody else with your air horn, system, or compressor questions, Kleinn support is the place to go to.

Our Review

Overall Kleinn is a highly reputable company, their online standing is high and their products match the expectations. Their 12v compressors are some of the best on the market so do not wait to invest in one now.

Do not hesitate to have your air system, automotive horn, or compressor needs met by industry leading professionals. Whether you have questions that need answering or are ready to buy not, browse the Kleinn website today!

User Reviews

Posted by west C jacobs

  • 4/5

Installing a Klienn air horn kit (Model JEEPKIT-1 & JEEPKIT-99) onto a 2015 JKU.
Why? Because I’m tired of idiots doing things in front of me and people passing on double yellow no passing lines, I thought this would get their attention.

Don’t order the Klienn Juice it comes with the kit and it’s just thread locker you can purchase at the hardware store/auto parts store.
Some of the electrical fittings are NOT moisture resistant I suggest getting better fittings from NAPA or any auto supply store.
First off, the mounting holes for the compressor DID NOT line up I used a step drill bit to enlarge all four holes. I then put fender washers (sized for the bolts) under the compressor’s feet and under the mounting bracket and secured with thread locker.
I’ll save you some time and headache with the tank. On the passenger side of tank, I put the 90-degree airline fitting towards the rear of the tank and pointed it downwards to the ground I also installed airline that will go to the horns. the pressure relief valve towards the front.
NOTE: use care but by heating up the end of the airline it will go on much easier.
NOTE: the drain valve cut out on the mounting plate could have been made deeper/wider so you could access it better.
I mounted the pressure control switch on the driver side and towards the rear the pump line fitting will go into the forward position.
Mounting the carrier onto the Jeep can be a pain.
This part is about the electrical and what you can do prior to installing.
Find a place to mount the relay switch, I mounted mine near the SPOD on the plastic molding near the left fender in the engine compartment.
I would pick up a trailer wiring cable that has the male and female ends just get the four-wire system
Remove the white ground wire, cut the wire in the center of all 3 wires. Using heat shrink electrical fittings attach (this is mine) BROWN wire to pump RED, GREEN wire to Pressure Switch wire, WHITE wire to the other side of Pressure Switch wire.
NOTE: there are going to be two Power (red) wires running back to the pump and Pressure Switch.
Run the provided 10-gauge power wire along with the YELLOW wire and another RED (for power) to front of the vehicle. I ran mine into the body frame to the front then up to the engine compartment insure you have the wires wrapped in protective sleeving.
Splice the Red 14-gauge wire onto the 30amp fuse wire solder and put heat shrink around the finished soldered joint
Attach the fused power line to the SPOD Positive to which switch you will be using inside the vehicle and then attach the other end to the 30amp relay terminal
Attach the 14-gauge RED wire to one end of the Pressure Switch
Attach the YELLOW wire to the relay switch at the 86 and the other end to one of the Pressure Switch wires
Attach the 10-guage power (RED) wire to the relay switch at the 87 terminal and attach the other end to the compressor pumps RED wire
Insure the ground wire BLACK is grounded on the frame I mounted it under the emergency brake line holders
Your SPOD switch will run the pump make sure you have engine running it draws a good amount of amps
Mount horn per instructions
What I did was use the horn switch supplied with kit and mounted it onto the center counsel on the drive side NOT on top of the consul incase something or someone puts a hand in that area the horn is going to go off.
I ran a power wire from the battery to the interior switch, I also installed a 3-amp fuse on the line near the battery
I used the frame channel and ran the PURPLE wire from one of the horns RED wires up into the engine compartment and then ran both the PURPLE and RED power wire into the cab and to the switch. Do to the switch having screws to secure the two wires I tinned (soldered) both tips that go to the connections and used blue thread locker to secure the threads I also put some electrical tape on the screw heads just in case they would come into contact with something in the center consul.
I grounded the other horns RED wire to one of the bolts holding the horns up
I ran the inlet air line under the left rear seat there is a body plug there and I punched a small hole to feed air line up into it.
NOTE: heating up the end of the airline will make installing onto fitting much easier.
I also installed some HEAT SHIELD onto the air line by the pump it is very close to the exhaust pipe it would have been better if it was a 90-degree fitting.

I hope this helps someone else out there

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