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Leslie Train Horns Review

When there is mention of air horns, where do you begin? Is there any company that stands out above the rest? The Leslie Company is one of the most renowned train air horn companies to present day.

About the Company

The company that is responsible for creating one of the most well known train horns across the country is The Leslie Company who now goes by the name of Leslie Controls, Inc. The Leslie Company originated in the town of Lyndhurst, New Jersey and soon moved to Parsippany. The final place that the company decided to relocate to in 1985 was Tampa, Florida. They began their horn production after they were able to obtain the rights to a specific line brand of air horns known as “Tyfon.” The Tyfon brand was part of the product line created by Kockums Mekaniska Verkstad who starting manufacturing air horns in the early 1930s for the booming railway system.

Demo of a Leslie Train Horn

Many trains since the 1930s, were proud owners of the A200 model air horn. Leslie Company continued to manufacture these well known horns for many years before creating their own line the “Chime-Tone.” Unfortunately, the Chime-Tone series did not sell as well as anticipated because they ended up requiring an extremely high volume of air intake. With every downfall is a lesson to be learned because the Leslie Company was able to create a new line of air horns that had interchangeable parts requiring less air volume but producing a sound much louder than the Tyfon series.

The new line was named the SuperTyfon series which replaced all Tyfon series air horns. This was developed by Kockums who after years of manufacturing and developing air horns, figured out how to amplify sound wilst utilizing the air pressure within the power chamber. This led to the Leslie SuperTyfon S-5T to be considered the best of the best. The king of air horns is synonymous with the SuperTyfon S-5T. These particular horns are available in single through five tone configurations and still being manufactured to this day.

Review of the Company

Many Leslie air horns are easily attainable on various sites. There are many positive reviews as well as many companies that will refurbish old air horns. Whether they are for collectible purposes or real use – there are many facets to these great treasures. Return policies do vary depending on what site is used for purchase but all sites are very user friendly.


It seems as though when looking up information on train air horns, one would be crazy not to know about this company. After many years of being in business, the Leslie Company has perfected the multi-chime, extremely loud train air horn!

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  • Jim

    I’m outfitting a 1928 Ford roadster pickup with a Leslie horns kit. I prefer 3 or 5 tones. Does anyone has a preference on which is a good horn kit by Leslie? Thanks, jim

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