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Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5thntbl-table__imageHornBlasters Conductor's Special 540
  • Can be heard over a four mile range
  • Comes with the Viair 400C compressor
  • Includes a pressure switch
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  • Has three, chrome plated trumpet horns
  • Includes a 1.5 gallon air tank
  • Can work in any vehicle from crossover to semi-truck
Rating: 4.7/5Rating: 4.7/5thntbl-table__imageHornBlasters Outlaw 127
  • Comes with the solenoid valve pre-installed
  • Uses stainless steel diaphragms
  • The 3 trumpets are mounted on one bracket

Omega Train Horns Review

Whether you are looking for a nice train horn for your motorcycle or car, you will surely want to explore what the Omega Train Horns has to offer. This specially designed train horn is a perfect loud horn for your vehicle. Omega Train Horns are one of the oldest in the industry. Major retailers like Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Horn Blasters sell this brand of train horns.

About the Company

Omega Train Horns is a specially designed train horn kit. Most buyers often look for a kit with more than three horns for better loud sound. How about five horns? If the idea fancies you, then here is the product. Omega Train Horn kit comes with five glistening trumpet horns. When you install this horn, you will surely love the loud train horn sound. Even if these horns produce loud sounds, they are pleasant to hear. If you are an air horn enthusiast, then check out this latest train horn kit from Omega Train Horns.

What does the kit include?

The Omega Train Horns kit includes five air horns. Each horn is metal plated and has a beautiful chrome finish exterior. Imagine installing this monster horn kit in your motorcycle or car. If you love the air horn loud sound, then this is the kit for you. After all, a five-horn kit will certainly produce better sound than a 3-horn kit. Each horn is designed with reliable line attachments and compression style fitting. The horn assembly includes a 12-volt solenoid, which is non-polarized. The kit also comes with a one gallon air tank. In addition, there is an air compressor and ground mounting kit included in this kit. This kit has a 152 dB power requirement for operation. If you have ever wanted to transform the horn in your vehicle, then this kit is for you. With this kit, your vehicle will sound like a big loud train.

Omega AH300 (132 feet away)

Product review

This product is definitely for them who want to install a loud train horn in their vehicle. The sound quality from each air horn is loud and powerful. Each metal finished horn looks elegant with its chrome coating. Installing this kit is simple. The horn also comes with a small instruction manual with diagrams of train horn kits. However, there is no manual for wiring included with this kit. For that, you may have to watch some video manuals online. Other than that, the installation is simple and easy. The kit has bolts and screws included. However, you may need some longer bolts if your plan is to install it in a car. Each part of the kit, including the compressor, horns, and the tank, should be installed separately.

This horn kit is undoubtedly a popular air horn kit in the market. Order this kit online and install it in your vehicle for that loud train-like sound.

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