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1HornBlasters Conductor's Special 540
2Viking Horns 101C3
3HornBlasters Outlaw 127
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Pickup trucks without a cab or truckbox require a train horn kit with flexible mounting options and a tank/compressor that withstand the rain, snow and mud. The kits below include a compressor that can be mounted separately from the tank, outside of the vehicle and exposed to the elements. These can be used with pickups that have no cab or truck box. Trucks of this type are also a great fit for train horn kits that are bigger and louder.

Conductor’s Special 232

The Conductor’s Special 232, sporting a sleek black finish and an authentic train sound, is a great fit for a truck with no cab or truck box. This super loud horn also features a fast-filling Air Kit and flexibility in its installation options. The four shocker horns may be mounted independently and in any direction or position desired, allowing for configurations that will be the most pleasing for a pickup truck driver.

Conductor’s Special 240

For an even more versatile train horn, consider the Conductor’s Special 240 kit. This one can even be installed on some cars. The design is a space saver, the air tank and compressor taking up little room in the bed of a truck.

Outlaw Black 232

The Outlaw Black 232 offers flexibility in its installation because the compressor and air tank may be mounted separately. Drivers can choose to make use of the truck bed or the undercarriage of a truck. With this flexibility, drivers can match their installation options to their personal style.

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