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Why A Large Air Horn Works Best In All Settings

Stadium air horns are useful at sporting events when you want to bring a single source of sound with you to the event. Small air horns that use cans of compressed air do not have the power and durability of an air horn powered by a large air compressor. You can use these stadium air horns in a number of settings, and you you’ll understand how they provide the power you need for your events. The events listed below show that a large air horn will be heard at any event.

Outdoor Concerts

Outdoor concerts require more than the amplifiers and speakers the bands use. Stadium air horns are extremely loud, and they can be used to alert everyone at the venue of scheduled items listed in the program. Intermission may be announced using the air horn, and the air horn can sound when you are warning the attendees that the intermission is about to end.

Stadium air horns are helpful in outdoor events when you need to get the attention of the people at the event, and the air horn is hooked up to a compressor that sits in a central location. The air horn will make a sound so loud everyone in the area can hear it, and you can use the air horn to signal an evacuation in case of emergency. Air horns may be used for safety as much as they are used for announcements.

Outdoor Athletic Events

Outdoor athletic events require an air horn to signal the beginning and end of each period. Air horns are used to signal substitutions during the game, and air horns are used to get the attention of the crowd. You can place an air horn and compressor to a part of the stadium that is elevated, and it can be used by the official scorer or timekeeper. 

Athletic events require a stadium air horn that is loud enough to carry over the sound of the crowd, and the largest stadium air horn will provide the necessary power to call the crowd to attention. Stadium air horns that use larger compressors could quell a crowd of tens of thousands of people.

Indoor Athletic Events

Indoor athletic events require similar air horns to help manage the games in the stadium. Scorers or timekeepers may use the air horn from their table, or someone in the press box can use the air horn from their perch above the game. 

Substitutions are signaled in basketball games with the help of a horn, and the horn is used to tell the players to return to the court during a basketball game. The same horn is used to send new players onto the ice during a hockey game, and the horn is used when goals are scored. Someone in an official capacity must have access to the air horn during each game, and the game cannot run properly without the help of the air horn.

Easy Transportation

The finest air horns are easy to carry with their air compressors. A single dolly or rack can carry the horn and its compressor to its new location. Event staff may push the horn around the venue between games, or the air horn can travel to different events on the dolly.

Easy Use

The air horn connects directly to an included air compressor with a single hose. You may connect the hose yourself and use quick connect components for easy setup/breakdown, and you must turn on the compressor when you are ready to use the air horn. The air horn is activated by a single button you press to sound the horn. You depress the button for as long as the horn is supposed to sound, and you release the button when you want the horn to stop. Stadium Air horn kits can be powered by standard electrical connections or by 12 volt car batteries, and your kit can be powered with a generator if needed.

Different Sizes

You can purchase a Stadium air horn in a size that suits the venue you typically work in. A large air horn is needed for fairgrounds, concert venues and outdoor stadiums. You may try a smaller air horn when you are working in a small arena or community center. The amount of noise the air horn is capable of making depends on a number of factors including the number of horns and compressor capacity.

Air Compressor

A Stadium air horn requires an air compressor that will last as long as you need. The compressor can be attached directly to the air horns or connected remotely by air hoses.

Stadium air horns are absolutely necessary for the next sporting event or concert you manage. Attendees must be able to hear the horn when you sound it, and you can set up the horn in any part of the stadium or arena you like. Air horns need not be installed in the stadium as a permanent fixture, and the air horns you use can travel with you for use in any sort of event you desire.

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