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A vehicle’s horn is there for the driver to make his or her presence known, whether it’s during a busy rush hour lane change or late at night when someone is veering out of their lane. However, a lot of drivers just aren’t satisfied with the volume the factory-issue horn has. For those people who want something a little more robust, it’s possible to replace the soft, flat horn that is the vehicle’s standard with a train horn.

What’s a Train Horn?

A train horn is, in its simplest form, an air horn that is similar to (or exactly) the sort of horn used by diesel electric trains to warn people of their approach. These horns are extremely loud, which is why they violate noise ordinances in many places, but they are perfectly legal in other regions. That’s why it’s always important to check to see whether or not a train horn is a sensible purchase for a particular driver based on where he or she lives before handing over the cash for a kit.

Where to Buy a Train Horn

Thanks to the huge marketplace that is the Internet it’s possible to buy train horns with a minimal amount of effort. All one has to do is find a reliable dealer, check all of the different models said dealer has in stock, and then input a credit card to get the horn that will make sure no other driver ever misses one’s presence on the road. On the other hand it’s important to be very careful when shopping online, as buyers may end up falling prey to shifting merchants, identity thieves, and others.

To that end there are some things that shoppers need to search for when buying a train horn. The first is to see how long a merchant has been in business, and whether or not that merchant is an official representative for a particular brand of train horn. Always check to see if other users have purchased from that dealer, and what those users’ experience was. If they’d recommend the dealer in question, and the response is largely positive, then it might be a safe merchant to truck with. Also, before ever making a purchase, be sure to read the return and warranty information a merchant has on his or her site. If there are no returns allowed, then a buyer is taking a big, big risk.

Shopping Offline

For those who are more comfortable shopping offline, it’s harder to find a train horn kit. Harder, but not impossible. In these circumstances all one has to do is contact an auto parts store that deals in aftermarket upgrades and ask about the selection of train horns. Even if the store doesn’t have a particular model in stock right then, it’s always possible that the merchants could order one for the customer. Additionally, many merchants may offer installation services as part of the package, which is a great time saver for those who aren’t very mechanically inclined.

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