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Maximus Train Horns Review

Train horns are great for a number of different reasons, not just for use on a train! Use them on your boat, truck or even at a soccer game! With Maximus Train horn kits, you get the air compressor, air tank and the actual air horn for the maximum affect. You also have the choice of one horn or up to four! They are available in chrome or painted black. Maximus also offers refurbished Nathan Train Horns (the real thing) which are the most popular – although expensive – choice.

The company is the first of its kind to provide the loudest in the industry and was started in 2007 in Houston, Texas. To find the perfect horn for you, check out their website. It is also easy to install yourself (although it is recommended to have a professional do it) with very detailed instructions right on the website! Get any support you need through e-mail or over the phone (the number is right on the website), and they also come with a standard warranty and free shipping.

Even though there are some people that are not happy with the quality of this product, Maximus keeps improving and you still can’t get a horn like it anywhere else, especially for the price. The Maximus IV train kit is definitely the loudest you can find on the market today. What makes it so great is the upgraded 5 gallon high pressure steel tank along with a level 3 Foxxair 100% duty cycle to make the sound super loud (175+ db) for a longer time. It also makes a better sound because it is steel chrome plated.

Maximus is the way to go to get more for your money. Everything you need to mount the air horn is provided along with an excellent sound, instructions and support.

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