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Highest Rated Train Horn Kits
Rating: 5/5Rating: 5/5thntbl-table__imageHornBlasters Conductor's Special 540
  • Can be heard over a four mile range
  • Comes with the Viair 400C compressor
  • Includes a pressure switch
Rating: 4.8/5Rating: 4.8/5thntbl-table__imageViking Horns 101C3
  • Has three, chrome plated trumpet horns
  • Includes a 1.5 gallon air tank
  • Can work in any vehicle from crossover to semi-truck
Rating: 4.7/5Rating: 4.7/5thntbl-table__imageHornBlasters Outlaw 127
  • Comes with the solenoid valve pre-installed
  • Uses stainless steel diaphragms
  • The 3 trumpets are mounted on one bracket

Make Your Truck Horn LOUD!

So you want to mount a train horn on your pickup? Train horns are important in that they help in alerting pedestrians about an oncoming truck and keep away. This is helpful in minimizing road accidents. Train horns give out a loud sound that resembles that of the train and it can be heard from as far as 500 meters.


The train horns come with a complete and detailed installation manual. In addition, there is an onboard air system which is necessary to produce the needed loud sound. The installation process takes a relatively short time. If you need assistance with installation, any shop experienced with auto accessories will be able to install your kit. The installation of a train horn gives a pickup truck a unique, attractive accessory that is also very functional. For good results, the train horn is strategically mounted on the roof with the bell bottom-looking end facing the front side of the truck. It can also be mounted within the truck bed or undercarriage of the truck to be out of sight. The system does not require an intricate wiring system, therefore it is very easy to install.

Here are our recommendations for the best train horn kits for pickup tracks.

Viking Horns V101C

Viking Horns V101C

The Viking Horns V101C is intended to be an entry-level kit for those who don’t need a lot of options yet have needs for serious noise. At 149 decibels it is as loud as most jet engines, and even the most well-insulated truck cab will be made deafening by a long pull on this horn. This makes it a great option for those who need something that will work well in remote areas, where maximum noise is both allowed and in some cases necessary.

The Viking Horns V101C is built around a three-horn system. The horns are tuned to play a chord, rather than a single note, which not only increases the likelihood that the noise will be heard, it increases the “force” with which it is felt since multiple sound waves come out together in a complementary fashion. The horns are chrome plated to ensure that they look as good as they sound and will not be corroded or damaged by sun, wind, rain, or other inclement conditions. The air compressor is capable of refilling the 1.5-gallon air reservoir in seconds, enabling even a full blast to be repeated quickly. All fittings are included, and all are standard sizes, ensuring that if they become worn or lost they can easily and quickly be replaced at any auto parts or hardware store. The compressor and reservoir are designed for interior installation but is sturdy enough for installation in the truck bed if needed. The horn is designed to function as either a replacement for or supplement to the main horn, and a horn button is included to facilitate either option.

Vixen Horns VXO8330

Vixen Horns VXO8330

The Vixen Horns VXO8330 is also an entry-level model designed for those who want to bring the noise without breaking the bank. It is somewhat quieter than other models at 149 decibels, but this is still well above most noise regulations and loud enough to make windows shake and deafen those outside. The Vixen Horns VXO8330 uses a four-horn system, which adds emphasis to the chord, and helps ensure that the sound carries over long distances and through obstacles. This, combined with the slightly reduced volume compared to other models, makes it ideal for urban and suburban environments where other horns would quickly be lost in the cacophony of normal traffic or dissipated by surrounding buildings.

The Vixen Horns VXO8330 uses a three-gallon air reserve as standard, meaning that it will not blow for as long as other units, but this also decreases recharge time. The 200 PSI compressor can refill the tank in seconds, making it ideal for repeated blasts. The kit comes with all necessary mounting and hookup hardware, and everything is standardized for ease of maintenance and replacement. The unit is designed for in-cab installation and is small enough to fit under most seats or in any half-cab. The kit can serve as a replacement for an existing horn or a supplement to one thanks to the provided horn button.

HornBlasters Black Outlaw HK-C3B-232

HornBlasters Black Outlaw HK-C3B-232

The HornBlasters Black Outlaw HK-C3B-232 is a large, heavy-duty unit intended for use where the duration of the noise is as important as the volume. While the reservoir is only two gallons, making it smaller than other kits, the air compressor is designed for fast and easy recovery, enabling the horn to be run almost continuously. This is because the small tank and fast pump enable the tank to be refilled as it is emptied, so the horn can continue to run for almost as long as the driver wants it to. This makes it great for use in places where lighting may be rare and inclement weather common, since the driver can operate the HK-C3B-232 as though he were a train driver, repeatedly using it to announce his impending arrival and drive away any people or animals in his path.

The HK-C3B-232 is suitable for cab installation and is designed to fit under the rearmost seats, with all necessary components running under the seats or through the back of the cab. It can easily be integrated into any existing electrical system and be used as either a supplement to or replacement for a primary horn. It uses a three-horn chord with all-black horns, which can more effectively resist corrosion and damage when compared to chrome.

Kleinn HK7

Kleinn HK7

The Kleinn HK7 is a deluxe, high-end kit for those who want the most a train horn can offer, both in terms of volume and appearance. Its volume is almost as loud as physics can allow sound to be, with only a few decibels separating the Kleinn HK7 from the theoretical maximum. The three horns are chrome plated for maximum life and superior appearance and tuned in a heavy chord for maximum impact. Connected to a three-gallon tank, they can blow for several seconds at a time, and the large air pump is designed to ensure they can be blown again and again in rapid succession.

The Kleinn HK7 focuses on quality high-end components sourced primarily from the United States and Europe to ensure rigorous quality standards. This helps ensure that the Kleinn HK7 will last as long as any vehicle it is installed in, and possibly longer. All of the air pump components meet aircraft-manufacturing standards, helping ensure that there will be no losses of pressure even after thousands of uses. The kit uses all mounting hardware, and it is standardized in the event any components are lost or damaged.

But, Are They Legal?

In most cases, the buyer is required to show evidence of compliance with the existing laws. It is unlawful to use the train horn in a closed space such as an underground parking garage. This is because people within the facility may suffer eardrum damage and impair one’s hearing abilities. Secondly, the user is required to blast the train horn when about one hundred feet from the public. A violation of these governing rules may result in penalties, which may include fines by the authorities. Blasting train horns near places of residence, especially at night, should be avoided. Similarly, it would be prudent for a truck owner to be aware of areas where loud noise is restricted such as a hospital environment. This is aimed at promoting peace of mind when people are resting.

A train horn may serve as a marketing tool, such as the arrival or a vendor to a fair or sporting event. Similarly, they are a form of identity. The tone and intensity of the sound produced can be associated with a particular individual.

Louder Horns May Keep You Safer

Pickup truck owners with a train horn installed are in a good position to avoid road accidents with pedestrians or other motorists. This is because when blasted they alert the general public, who become extra careful when walking or crossing the road. It is important to understand that train horns can be blasted even when the engine is switched off. This is necessary when the truck has a mechanical breakdown since it can be blasted to attract timely help from other road users. Above all, the devices are easy to maintain and are known to last long. This is a great benefit to truck owners since it helps in saving some money.

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